Game Review: Baby Shark Christmas

It’s Christmas time! Baby shark love to swim and go through various Christmas Obstacles like Marshmallow Candy, Snow Man, Christmas Trees, and the Presents. Help baby shark to collect the coins and then you can become the winner on the leaderboard among your friends. Baby Shark Christmas is fun to play and can be played both by kids and adults and it can be played offline which is great to kill some time. It’s also free to play with unlimited fun!



Baby Shark is return, if the last time we talk about Baby Shark Adventure. Now, PT. Global Digital Artha has releasing new concept of the game. Yup, Baby Shark Christmas. Has been released on early Desember, Baby Shark Christmas is coming back and bring some Christmas vibes on the game.



Still adapting a kids song titled “Baby Shark”, now you can felt christmas vibes on the soundtrack by it’s game. This game is also very easy to play but full of challenge which could take you to survive the ocean, to help baby shark avoiding so many various chistmas themed Obstacles then collects the coins as many as you can. Beware! That Obstacles could kill Baby Shark only at once touch.



As you can see, Baby Shark Chistmas has nice graphic design who will make you comfortable to play for long time. You will not get bored because Baby Shark Christmas could make you feel challenged to play, as we know, the baby shark will killed easily if he got crushed by candies, presets, snowmen, and marshmallow around him. And if we talks about music sound of this game, of course Baby Shark Christmas will use “Baby Shark” Christmas ver. as main song.

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This game is really easy to play and so much fun. Do tap and release your screen as the baby is moving out, make sure baby shark swim up and not fallin off to the ground. Try to avoid the obstacle by swimming up and down. And collect the coins as much as you can to get high score. Don’t forget that game will ended and you will lose if baby shark got hitted by the obstacle.

You also can ask your friend to play this game too, by inviting through facebook. and click here if you want to download and play this game.

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