Nokia Offers Real Competition for Samsung

HMD exhibited five new Nokias at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was where the Nokia mark made its rebound to the cell phone advertise a year sooner. Quick forward a year, and the rebound ended up being a win. Furthermore, there are a few signs that even the greatest producers should look out.

70 million, 35 years. These are the most essential assumes that have shaken up the business. Furthermore, they originate from HMD Global, alluding to the new Nokia cell phones and its faithful clients. With 70 million element telephones and cell phones, HMD has taken Nokia back to the general population inside a year.

Nonetheless, HMD gauges that 50 million offers of Nokia highlight telephones, some of which are old Nokia gadgets, will fortify 20 million Android cell phone deals. The number sounds more noteworthy than it is. In any case, the 20 million units additionally represent themselves.

And 35 years? This refers to the buyers: about two thirds of the Nokia buyers are younger than 35 years. At first glance, to point out the age sounds like marketing bluster, but that’s not entirely true: after all, the age group in question isn’t the classic Nokia audience. The message is clear: don’t think of us as a brand that sells its smartphones to nostalgic oldies. We are conquering new groups of buyers.

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And other numbers are also impressive. HMD now has its own subsidiaries in 80 countries, and Nokias can be purchased from HMD in more than 170 countries. This is an impressive expansion, considering that HMD is barely one and a half years old.

Of course, there are areas where HMD needs to improve. If it really wants to keep up with the competition, the camera has to be improved. And maybe HMD should also take another look at the naming scheme. The Nokia 7 Plus is already a little bit out of date, and with the Nokia 6, HMD did not indicate that it is the 2018 version. Perhaps a clearer naming scheme would work better here.

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